Extreme Weather / Hazardous Road Conditions

In the event of extreme weather or hazardous road conditions, it may be necessary to limit the number of children in care.

This decision will be made at management’s discretion based on factors such as whether there is enough staff available to satisfy provincial childcare ratios, when weather or road conditions are deemed very unsafe for travel, highway closures, or other factors.

Children will be taken into care on a first come, first serve basis. We will base admittance on the provincial childcare ratios and/or maximum capacity for the staff available.

The Centre will attempt to balance the available staff to the children in care, in order to maximize the staff available to the children attending that day. This may include consolidating the programs, rooms, or locations.

Parents are encouraged to notify the Centre as early as possible when their child is not expected to attend. This will help to plan and manage the staff required to satisfy provincial childcare ratios.

If you arrive at the Centre and your child cannot be accepted into care due to provincial childcare ratio and/or maximum capacity reasons, you will not have to pay for that day of childcare.

Should the Niverville schools close due to the weather, we are unable to provide care for School Age children outside of their regular times of attendance, but they may attend the “before and after school program” hours.  Normal hours of care will be provided for infant and preschool aged children.