Registration is determined according to the provincial Online Child Care Registry, with priority given to members living in Niverville and children needing care on a full time basis. Families with multiple children may be moved up the list if space is available for all of their children at one time. Employee benefits and retention include priority placement being given to children of employees.  Parents/guardians with children already enrolled in Growing Minds Child Care will receive priority placement for other children in their immediate family in need of care. 

Enrollment in one of our programs does not guarantee placement in all of our programs. We will do our best to accommodate your children as they age, but enrollment will depend on vacancies available.

Registration is accepted on a full time basis. Parents/guardians of children currently in attendance part time should be advised that families in need of full time care are given precedence. If the family you share a space with withdraws or requires full time care, you will be given the choice to enroll full time in the next available space or relinquish the space to a family in need of full time care.  New enrollments for part time care are no longer available.

Registration will only be accepted for children who attend school in Niverville and who will be transported to school in accordance with section 7 of this policy. GMCC will not accept registration of any child who requires bussing to and/or from school or preschool. 

Parents/guardians are required to complete a registration form, medical consent form and a parental agreement upon enrollment of each child. Please keep our records up to date by letting staff know of any changes in home, work or emergency numbers as well as emergency contacts, medical or other pertinent information.

Most children adjust easily to a group care setting. Sometimes regardless of age, a child may not be developmentally or emotionally ready for a large group setting and may exhibit stress throughout the day. If the staff determines that your child is having difficulty coping, you will be asked to meet with the Director to discuss the situation in the best interest of your child. If the situation cannot be resolved, you may be asked to find alternate care arrangements. The Centre will assist you in any way we can.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the Centre of any behavior or special needs of their children, use of any regular medication, consultation with any outside agencies (i.e. Child Development Clinic, psychologists’ etc.) on the registration form. This information does not preclude your child from attending the Centre but allows the Centre to be prepared to meet the needs of your child. Failure to share this important information may lead to your child being removed from the Centre.

Children with additional support requirements who need the assistance of support staff will not be accepted into the Centre until funding for the staff is in place through the Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Program.